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NounCreepz Eggs are now sold out, but you can buy on secondary marketplaces.
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NOUNS + Creepz = NOUNCreeps

NounCreepz Egg


Wen mint/reveal?

Mint: 11th Feb (sold out)
Egg burn: 27th Feb
You can reveal whats inside your NounCreepz egg any time after the 27th. There is no time limit for when you need to burn your eggs.

What is the supply and distribution?

Total supply is 11111 eggs
(5556) are reserved for NounBirdz holders and WL winners
50% (5555) was Public mint

What is the roadmap/utility?

There is currently no planned roadmap or future utility for NounCreepz. All Squarish projects are CC0 and free to use as you wish.

Your question not here?

Send us a tweet @NounCreepz and we will get back to you as soon as possible.