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NounBirdz was minted on the 15th of Jan 2023. (SOLD OUT in under 20 mins)


First mint


#9187 AKA Lil Joe Pesci, a member of the notorious Cold Blooded Creepz, has struck again. This time, he's managed to infiltrate the Generator, a powerful tool used to create new Nouns and fund ideas, but Lil Joe had something different in mind.

Instead of creating ordinary nouns, he stuffed the generator full of spy birds, creating a new type of noun called NounBirdz. These sneaky creatures are designed to gather intelligence and report back to the Creepz on the activities of anyone who uses them. The Creepz are planning to use the NounBirdz for recruitment and espionage, and they've made the mint price free to entice more people to use them.

But beware - anyone who uses a NounBird may find themselves being watched by the Cold Blooded Creepz. Will you take the risk and join their ranks, or will you stay clear of these cunning creatures? The choice is yours.

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Wen mint/reveal?

Mint was 100% free, only need to pay for the Ethereum gas fee. The eggs will hatch 10 days after mint. 25th of Jan 2023

What was the supply and distribution?

Total supply is 2220 eggs

(65) Was minted for the team.
1.80% (50) Was minted for the giveaways.
95.27% (2105) Was a free public mint.

What is the roadmap/utility?

There is no planned roadmap for NounBirdz. The current utility is to grant FREE access to NounCreepz and future Squarish mints. All Squarish projects are CC0 and free to use as you wish.

How do i mint?

We advise downloading and installing the MetaMask wallet extension. Once installed you can purchase (or transfer) a small amount of Ethereum to your MetaMask wallet to cover the gas fee.

Your question not here?

Send us a tweet @NounCreepz and we will get back to you as soon as possible.