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Birds aren't real! - SOLD OUT 
The first drop by Squarish involved hatching a secret collection of Nounish spies called "NounBirdz".
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- 02/03/2023 7:00 PM GMT

NounBirdz Egg
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Attention all OVERLORD fans!
Attention all OVERLORD fans! Get ready for the next Nounish crossover. We're hatching eggs filled with lizards that match the whole Creepz Genesis collection. There are a whopping 11,111 NFTs up for grabs, including all of your favs and the ultra-rare 1 of 1s.

Egg mint was 11th Feb 2023 (SOLD OUT)

How do I get 'em?
The only way you can get a NounCreep is to buy eggs and burn them or buy them on secondary marketplaces.

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Win a Creepz Genesis

Creepz giveaway
We reinvested ALL OF THE ETH ROYALTIES from the NounBirdz mint into a Creepz Genesis by the @Overlord_xyz. The give away will start as soon a the egg burn is live on the 27th of Feb 2023.
How can you win?
If you hatch the matching NFT from a NounCreepz egg, you will win the Cold Blooded Creepz #10727. (Worth 2ETH at the time of purchase)

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Squarish Drop

Whats next?
Squarish.xyz is getting ready to unveil their next project, and rumour has it that it's something pixel-y! They'll be spilling all the details after the NounCreepz egg burn event.

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